TubePro 3D for TesTex, Carto and CoreStar

TubePro 3D is now available as a stand-alone version that automatically generates and visualizes 3D
models directly from TexTex, Carto and CoreStar tube map files.

Defect data can be imported from any supported data acquisition system listed below and the defects can
be specified and viewed in 3D inside the tube bundle.

Detailed nozzle, shell, front-end, rear-end and supports can quickly be defined in the 3D model.

TubePro 2D/3D 4.5 Tube Mapping, Inspection and Reporting Software
TubePro can work as a stand alone tube mapping, inspection reporting and 3D analysis system
and is compatible with the following:

Inspection Software Systems is an OEM provider to Olympus IMS and Eddyfi.

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