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About Inspection Software Systems

ISS has been developing advanced software and OEM solutions for the inspection industry since 2007.

Our software solutions are compatible with data acquisitions systems from:
  • Olympus MultiView
  • Eddyfi Magnifi
  • TesTex
  • Corestar
  • Zetec
  • Pan American
  • Russell NDT
ISS is an OEM software provider to Olympus NDT and Eddyfi.

Photographic Object Detection

Recently, we have made major advancements in Photographic Object Detection (POD) and automated tube mapping. By implementing our new proprietary POD technology into the SDS and TubePro 5.0 software systems. The time to generate a tube map has been reduced to a fraction of the time compared to traditional tube mapping programs.  

Follow this link to read an active users comments regarding using the SDS software.
Key points to remember when taking photos for tube mapping in SDS.

TubePro 5.0 has photographic tube mapping built into the reporting system. TubePro 4.5 can directly import tube maps generated by the SDS software. 

Follow this link for information about SDS.

Tube Inspection, Reporting & Mapping

TubePro 5.0 is a completely new and revolutionary tube mapping and reporting that takes advantage of all the latest development in Photographic Object Detection, report generation and processing, and 3D modeling. TubePro 5.0 incorporates data management as well as Word and Excel compatible report editing and generation. TubePro 5.0 has built-in 3D bundle and modeling.

Follow this link for information about TubePro 5.0.

TubePro 5.0 2D/3D Report Viewer is a free software program that lets clients view and print inspection reports and 3D models.
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TubePro 4.5 has been used extensively around the globe since 2007 and is updated. Olympus NDT and Eddyfi are distributors of TubePro 4.5. TubePro 4.5 is available as 2D, 3D, and 2D/3D software packages.

Follow this link for information about TubePro 4.5.

TubePro 3D for TesTex, Carto and CoreStar
TubePro 3D is now available as a stand-alone version that automatically generates and visualizes 3D models directly from TesTex, Carto and CoreStar tube map files.

Tube defect data can be imported from any supported data acquisition system listed below and the defects can be specified and viewed in 3D inside the tube bundle.

Detailed nozzle, shell, front-end, rear-end, and supports can quickly be defined in the 3D model.

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